Xero Health Check Services

Are you worried that your Xero file is not set up accurately? Is the thought of a GST audit keeping you up at night? Are you stressed that you aren’t paying employees correctly?

A Xero Health Check can give you peace of mind and help you gain back control of your finances.

Specialised Xero Health Check Services

Passion Business Advisor’s Xero Health Check Services can help you identify any problems and help you fix them. We give you peace of mind and confidence about the financial future of your business. Take the stress out of the bookkeeping so you can have more time to do the meaningful work you’re passionate about.

Sharon from Passion Business Advisors has over 20 years of experience in accounting and business advisory. She is a tech-savvy accounting specialist who provides businesses with the right tools and technology to grow their business. As a CPA, Registered Tax Agent and most importantly, a Xero Partner, Sharon is passionate about her work. She cares about doing it well, and enjoys working with people who light up when talking about their business.

Get Up To Date & Stay There

A Xero Health Check allows you to:

Enjoy piece of mind about your finances

Gain back control of your financial stability

Increase your confidence for growing your business

Create a happy team of dedicated employees who feel valued

Reduce the rise of interest rates and fines

With the help of Passion Business Advisors, you can have a sense of relief knowing your Xero file is up-to-date and that you’re using your software properly.

Not sure what’s involved in a Bookkeeping Health Check?

Here are our 3 Stages of Getting a Health Check done for your business:

1. Review your Xero File

2. Recommendations and report

3. Fix errors and make improvements

Help your business grow and thrive with our Bookkeeping Health Check Packages

Never put the financial stability of your business in the ‘too-hard-basket’ again. With our Bookkeeping Health Check services you can get the support you need by working directly with our Lead Accounting Specialist and CEO of Passion Business Advisors today.

Business size: Small Medium Large Gigantic
Price (inc. 10% GST) $330 $550 $1,155 $1,815
Monthly transactions up to 150 300 600 1200
Monthly income up to $25K $75K $150K $500K
Payroll size up to 3 employees 10 employees 20 employees 50 employees
Balance sheet
Profit and loss
Bank feeds & reconciliations
GST coding
File settings
Chart of accounts
Sales Invoices
Bills & Expenses
Payroll settings
Payroll transactions
Feedback on Reporting Customisations
Automation & Xero Add-on recommendations
Health Check Report which includes:
Private Consultation
Cost for us to fix errors
Fixing errors
Bookkeeping Credit* $150 $250 $500 $800

*If you hire us for ongoing bookkeeping or CFO services, we'll credit this amount against your first invoice.

Passion Business Advisor’s Xero Health Check Services can give you peace of mind, leaving you more time to do the meaningful work you’re passionate about.

Frequently Asked Questions About Xero Health Check Services:

What is a Xero Health Check?

A Xero Health Check is a thorough review of your Xero accounting file. It allows us to make sure there aren’t any set-up or transactional errors in the file. Following review of your file, we will provide you with a report and have a consultation with you to discuss any issues and recommendations.

How do I know if I need a Health Check?

Do you relate to any of these situations:

  • Not confident that your Xero file is set up correctly
  • Stressed about financial decisions because you don’t have accurate financial data
  • You don’t regularly review financial reports because you’re not sure if the information is correct
  • Worried that your BAS might be wrong
  • Wondering if there is anything you could do to save time with bookkeeping
  • Your accountant complains that it takes extra time to get your accounts done at end of year
  • A Xero expert has never reviewed your file
  • Unsure if you’re setting aside enough funds for BAS payment

A Health Check is for business owners who are not sure if their file is set up correctly and are worried that bookkeeping errors are costing them time and money.

What are the benefits of a Xero Health Check?

A bookkeeping health check can do more than just identify problems and help you fix them. Having a financially healthy business starts with meaningful and accurate data. 

At the end of the Health Check Process you will have:

  • Identified and fixed any errors before they cause major issues
  • Peace of mind to know that your file is set up correctly
  • Filled any gaps in the knowledge of your team and identified areas where training is needed
  • Gained back control of the financial stability of your business
  • Confidence that you are paying your employees correctly
  • Made changes so that mistakes are not repeated
  • Reduced penalties and fines
Will my information be kept confidential?

Absolutely. Your information will always be kept confidential and will never be discussed with a third-party without your permission. As a Registered Tax Agent, we are accountable to the Tax Practitioners’ Board. Our professional Code of Conduct requires us, by law, to keep your information confidential.

What if errors are found in my Xero file?

After you receive the Bookkeeping Health Check report and recommendation, you can hire us to fix it, fix it yourself or ask your bookkeeper or accountant to fix it. If you would like us to fix any issues identified in the report, we can provide a separate quote. 

It can be scary to know there are errors in your file, but it is much better to find and fix an error before any major issues arise.

How much does it cost to fix errors identified in the Health Check?

The cost to fix errors will depend on the amount and type of errors involved. We can give you a quote once the Health Check has been done.

What is the Bookkeeping credit?

If your package comes with a bookkeeping credit and you hire us to fix the errors or for any ongoing bookkeeping or virtual CFO work, you will receive a credit for this amount against your first invoice.

If you choose to fix the errors yourself and you do not decide to work further with us, the credit won’t be available to you.

Learn more about what’s involved in the Health Check process and whether it’s right for you today.

Client Testimonials

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We have been working with Passion Business Advisors for a few months now and would highly recommend their services. Sharon's professionalism, expertise, and attention to detail are outstanding. The reports they have prepared have provided exceptional value to our business.

Annette Sturt


Sharon has been so thorough in regards to all of my accounting matters. She has great attention to detail and has answered every question that I've asked. She's also been great in transitioning me from Myob to Xero. I would highly recommend using Passion Business Advisors!

Kelsey Hatherall

Blissful Love Photography

Sharon is a highly skilled accountant and business advisor. Sharon has the ability to remove the noise and bring clarity to the table quickly; allowing businesses to identify blockages and make decisions that directly impact revenue growth.

Matthew McBrearty

Belle Property Lake Macquarie

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